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Singer/songwriter Rebecca Pronsky releases her fifth album Witness: Hillary’s Song Cycle on November 8, 2017, one year from the date of the 2016 election.

“As the dust began to settle following election night, myself and many people in my community were left shocked and devastated. On top of that, Hillary Clinton all but disappeared after giving her concession speech. Her absence only made me feel more disoriented. I could not stop thinking about her and wondering if she was okay. I honestly wouldn't have expected that I'd turn to writing or singing at that time but to my surprise, I did — and when I did, I found myself singing to Hillary."

Rebecca began to delve into the mind of her candidate, envisioning the post-election inner world of Hillary, creating a musical monologue of Clinton’s life during that mysterious time. The result is Witness: Hillary’s Song Cycle, an 8 song concept album that imagines the emotional landscape of one woman coming to terms with a new reality.

To help her better illustrate Hillary's struggle, Rebecca assembled an all female musical team to join her on the songs. The larger implications of this project were not lost on the songwriter. "The themes that rose to the surface of the songs were the same themes that were coming up in many of my personal conversations with the women in my life: issues of loss, anger, hope, power, male dominance, humiliation — things that all women who supported Clinton were grappling with in their own way after the election.”

In Witness we follow Hillary as she goes for her infamous walks in the woods, wrestles with the voices of her doubters, dances barefoot in her living room, and swears... a lot. Rebecca Pronsky takes listeners on a journey from disbelief to depression, through rage and grief, and ultimately to acceptance and hope.

TimeOut NY calls Rebecca's songwriting “literate, passionate and wry” and that’s never been more true than on Witness where she channels pain, politics, humor, and feminism into one record. At the one year anniversary of the 2016 election, Witness emerges as a unique, playful and yet heartfelt project that creatively fills in the blanks of those missing weeks following Hillary's election loss. While imagined, Witness speaks volumes about the very real emotional world of many Americans during an uncertain time.

Witness was created by an all female team:


Words & Music

Rebecca Pronsky

A born and raised Brooklynite who has been touring and performing under her own name for 15 years. Rebecca's "brutal, cutting lyricism" (Ithaca Times) and "voice that conveys the wisdom of experience" (NPR) bring us right into Hillary's emotional world. rebeccapronsky.com


Musical Director

Deidre Rodman Struck

Deidre has been a fixture in the NYC music scene for many years. An accomplished jazz pianist and vocalist, Deidre started her musical journey with humble beginnings, playing piano with the Big Apple Circus in New York. Deidre has performed with Debbie Harry, Elvis Costello, Natalie Merchant, and Mike Viola of Candy Butchers fame. Deidre is a member of the renowned group The Lascivious Biddies, a genre-defying all-female quartet which performs originals and standards-to-be. 

The Band:

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Left to right:
Mary Feaster (bass)
Viva DeConcini (guitar)
Rebecca Pronsky (vocals)
Deidre Rodman Struck (piano)
Heather Wagner (drums)


Art & Design

Megan Piontkowski


Background Vocals

Joelle Lurie


Additional Percussion

Allison Miller


Kerry Pompeo