"Witness" was originally released as a concept album on November 8, 2017: the one year anniversary of the 2016 election. The album was produced, engineered, performed, recorded, and designed by an all female creative team. Take a listen:


Witness: Hillary's Song Cycle (2017)

by Rebecca Pronsky

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The women who made "Witness" are:

Reb as Hillary.jpg

Words & Music

Rebecca Pronsky

A born and raised Brooklynite who has been touring and performing under her own name for 15 years. Rebecca's "brutal, cutting lyricism" (Ithaca Times) and "voice that conveys the wisdom of experience" (NPR) bring us right into Hillary's emotional world. rebeccapronsky.com


Musical Director/Piano

Deidre Rodman Struck

Deidre has been a fixture in the NYC music scene for many years. An accomplished jazz pianist and vocalist, Deidre started her musical journey with humble beginnings, playing piano with the Big Apple Circus in New York. Deidre has performed with Debbie Harry, Elvis Costello, Natalie Merchant, and Mike Viola of Candy Butchers fame. Deidre is a member of the renowned group The Lascivious Biddies, a genre-defying all-female quartet which performs originals and standards-to-be. 

 Bass  Mary Feaster


Mary Feaster

 Drums  Heather Wagner


Heather Wagner

 Engineer   Kerry Pompeo


Kerry Pompeo

 Backing Vocals   Joelle Lurie

Backing Vocals

Joelle Lurie

 Additional Percussion   A  llison Miller

Additional Percussion

Allison Miller

 Art & Design   Megan Piontkowski

Art & Design

Megan Piontkowski