New! #2020candidateJams


Hello! As a fun new project, I'm writing a one minute song for each of the candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020. I like the limitation of Instagram's maximum 60-second video upload time, so I've decided to use that as a challenge. I have been having so much fun with this. So far I’ve done songs for 23 candidates. Follow #2020candidateJams on Instagram,FacebookTwitter, or YouTube.


FringeNYC tickets on sale today!


Tickets are now on sale to see "Witness" at FringeNYC - The NY International Fringe Festival!


  • Saturday, October 13 at 5:30pm
  • Sunday, October 14 at 7:00pm
  • Wednesday, October 17 at 7:15pm
  • Saturday, October 20 at 8:45pm
  • Sunday, October 21 at 3:30pm

All FringeNYC shows take place in the West Village in Manhattan and begin at FringeHUB (685 Washington St, corner of Charles St, New York, NY)

The show has grown so much over the summer. We got a director: the lovely Irene Carroll! She is challenging Deidre and me in all the best ways and bringing everything together, with tech, lighting, and even a little choreography! We are working hard and the show is funnier and more heartfelt. So happy it gets to be in a real theatre context where it so clearly belongs. Can't wait to share it with you!

Photo shoot!

Had a great time on Monday taking pics for Fringe Festival PR purposes. Photographer Brandon Perdomo and I crashed a local bar (I was in full Hillary costume) and had a martini. Here's some of my favorite shots:

Walk for Liuba!

2017-09-04 16.53.28.jpg

One of the first "Witness" shows we did, way back in January, was a fundraiser for Liuba Grechen Shirley, who is running for US Congress in NY District 2 on Long Island. I am thrilled that Liuba won her primary in June!

She is now going to face notorious incumbent Republican Peter King in the general election. Peter King voted against the ACA and to defund Planned Parenthood. He has a terrible record on LGBT issues. He has been in Congress for 25 years and hasn't had a real challenger in a long, long time. Time for a change.

Liuba is an amazing woman. She is a mother of two, community organizer, advocate for immigrants, and leader for women’s rights. She has the endorsement of Emily's List, N.O.W., Indivisible, and UAW. Bonus: Rosie O'Donnell and Alec Baldwin are big fans! Liuba won a groundbreaking case recently when she petitioned the FEC (Federal Election Commission) to allow her to use campaign funds for childcare costs. Guess who wrote a letter on her behalf to the FEC backing her case? Hillary Clinton! Childcare is a real and necessary campaign expense for parents running for office and it's going to be a little easier now thanks to Liuba. Here's Liuba on CNN talking about the landmark decision.

Starting on Labor Day, I will be walking 26 miles across Long Island, south to north, starting at Liuba's campaign office in Amityville and going all the way to Cold Spring Harbor via the Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt. Donations go straight to Liuba's campaign as soon as you make them, so giving now is best! Candidates can always use the money sooner rather than later.

Donate $26 ($1 per mile):

Or, if you're feeling extra generous, how 'bout:
$52 ($2 per mile), $130 ($5 per mile), or $260 ($10 per mile)?

Read more about Liuba and her positions here:


Fall Fringe Festivals!

Witness Icon Color with flag 72.jpg

Hello friends,

I'm spending the summer getting ready for two big festivals.

I am honored "Witness" has been accepted to both FringeNYC (NY International Fringe Festival) in October and Charm City Fringe (Baltimore Fringe Festival) in November. Exact venues and dates TBC.

Joining me will be my ever-dedicated Hillary cohort, pianist Deidre Rodman Struck and new to the show, we have a director now! We welcome awesome improv comedy maven Irene Carroll!

It's exciting to be bringing the show fully into a theatre context. The Fringe Festival is the perfect place for the show and I'm really looking forward to being part of this creative community!


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