“Hugely entertaining. She's nailed Hillary's journey.” 

- Acoustic Magazine

“Comedic. Cathartic.”

- Time Out New York

FringeNYC Witness.jpg

“The show was so well done and it made our entire evening. You two are SENSATIONAL. Thank you for bringing joy to our lives. Onward!”

- Alessandra Biaggi,
NY State Senator, District 34


“The songs strive to get inside Hillary's head and talk about what the loss might really have felt like for her on a personal, rather than political level.”

- BUST Magazine


“The songs range from pointedly comedic (a highlight being the Russian Troll song) to despairingly tragic. As a woman, it is easy to resonate with the material, and Pronsky successfully melds Clinton’s experience with Pronsky's own experience as an American woman in 2018.”

- Theatre Is Easy (theasy.com)


“Transcending the limits imposed by the subject matter, an entertaining collection of Broadway-esque songs, full of the poppy/folky/jazz character you’d expect from Rebecca Pronsky.  There are precious few references to the winner of the election, and that’s a good thing.” 

- Americana UK


“Works well on many levels. An interesting and unusual project that is well executed... an album about dealing with failure, shattering of dreams, and being a woman in what is still very much a man’s world.”

- CMP Magazine