"Hugely entertaining. She's nailed Hillary's journey." 

- Acoustic Magazine


"Comedic, cathartic."

- Time Out New York


"The songs strive to get inside Hillary's head and talk about what the loss might really have felt like for her on a personal, rather than political level."

- BUST Magazine


"The show was so well done and it made our entire evening. You two are SENSATIONAL. Thank you for bringing joy to our lives. Onward!"

- Alessandra Biaggi,
Democrat for NY State Senate, District 34
& Former staffer, Hillary For America


"Transcending the limits imposed by the subject matter, an entertaining collection of Broadway-esque songs, full of the poppy/folky/jazz character you’d expect from Rebecca Pronsky.  There are precious few references to the winner of the election, and that’s a good thing." 

- Americana UK


"Works well on many levels. An interesting and unusual project that is well executed... an album about dealing with failure, shattering of dreams, and being a woman in what is still very much a man’s world."

- CMP Magazine

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